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The site contains two primary areas of help with our research and family history

The Genealogy Section

This section contains information about Salzburger Families and their descendants. At the time of this writing, we have genealogy information on 100 original Salzburger Settlers. They are connected to over 28,000 of their descendants. And the numbers are growing as we receive contributions from others.

A small sample of names include Arnsdorff, Burkhalter, Dasher, Exley, Gnann, Heidt, Morgan, Seckinger, Shearrouse and Zipperer. See "heat map" below for more names.

The genealogy software allows searches on names and displays family trees. You can find the relationship between two people in the database (if related) and the system will identify that relationship.

Click on the "Genealogy" menu item to go to that area of the site.

The Family History Section

This area of the site contains information about specific families. Currently there are three families listed. The Heidt family section contains a book written by Evelyn Hendricks in 1981. This book is out of print but has been restored to electronic form for display on this site with permission from the Hendricks family. The Lineberger family book by Joe Lineberger was also converted to electronic form with permission to publish it on this web site and is also available. Information on the Griner family is being developed. 

We encourage Salzburgers to join us and add your family history. We would love to have you share your information but in any case enjoy the rich Salzburger history available on our site.

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