Your Family - Add your own Salzburger Genealogy and Family History

The site uses a genealogy program called TNG - The Next Generation genealogy software. It is somewhat like but it is sold and supported for applications like this one. It is widely used. It does not provide links to census data, birth records, etc but requires one to already have that available. Data can be moved from genealogy software to TNG with ease. That is the method used to load family genealogy data into the web site.

We have a substantial amount of data on the Heidt family already loaded thanks to the contribution of Allen and Karla Heidt (aka Texas Salzburgers). 

Some of this data came from the Heidt Family Book by Evelyn Hendricks, written in 1981.  That book was converted for use on this site and is under the Heidt Family section of the site.

The next family to be added will be the Lineberger family. Joe Lineberger granted permission to convert his book to electronic form and publish it on this site.  The book has been converted and will soon go thru the process of being loaded onto the site.  We do not have extensive genealogy records for the Linebergers as we did for the Heidts so that data must be provided.

Other families are encouraged to do the same.  Start with your original Salzburger settler and build a family tree.  Supply that tree to us in GEDcom format (contact us if you need help). Supply information about the original settler for the family info page.  The family page can be as simple as describing the some information about the original Salzburger immigrant to as detailed as you wish. Updates can be done as required at a later time.

For example, should a Salzburger Family "XYZ" wish to establish a section for the "XYZ" family on this site, we will do the following:

Setup a Family Page for the "XYZ" family

Establish a Genealogy section for the "XYZ" family

Note who will maintain and coordinate this section of the site

Also note that you can coordinate a small section of a family.  You don't have to take on the entire family line.  We can help you with that setup.

Please contact us if you are interested in coordinating a family or a family section on this site. Use the email address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.