Griner Family History

Johann Casper Greiner, from Fleinheim, a town in Wurttenberg, Southern Germany and his family came to America, probably through the port of Charleston, South Carolina. His family arriving with him were: 

Wife       Name Unknown but born in Germany and died aft 1752 – possibly in Ebenezer.

Son        John Casper Greiner Jr born 1710 (assumed Germany) died 1738 in Purysburg SC.

Son        Andrew Greiner born 1712 (assumed Germany), died 19 Jun 1771 in St. George Parish, Ga (Effingham County)

Son        Phillip Jacob Greiner born 1715 in Germany, died 1801 in Burke County Georgia. Buried Burke County.

John Casper Jr died in 1738 in Purysburg SC. This establishes the family was living there around that time. They moved to Georgia and settled near Ebenezer about 1752.

Source Information

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