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Origin of the Georgia Salzburger Heidt Family

The first documented Heidt in the Georgia settlement of Ebenezer was Johann George Heidt who arrived on the Charles Town Galley on Oct 2, 1749.  There was also an Israel Christian Heidt living in Ebenezer Georgia and he may have been Johann's father but due to records lost in a fire this is not certain but probable. How Israel Christian Heidt got to Georgia is not known. He is not listed on any of the transports from Europe.

The Charles Town Galley was carrying Palatine emigrants from the Palatinate area of southern Germany.  Johann was probably from the Saarbrucken area as noted in some research.

Heidt Family Book by Evelyn Hendricks

The Georgia Salzburger Heidt family was documented in a book by Evelyn Hendricks and published in 1981.  The book was sold at the Georgia Salzburger Society library in Ebenezer but subsequently went out of print years later.

The Hendricks family scanned a copy and made it available for use on this web site.  The scanned copy was from a somewhat faded book and parts were hard to read so the book was converted to Microsoft Word and some minor updates and formatting changes were made.  It was then saved as a series of PDF files and displayed on this web site.

There is a copyright on the information from the book but otherwise you are free to read and learn from her work. We are greatfull to the Hendricks family for the free access to her work on this site. 

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