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Effingham, Georgia, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CRAWFORD, Allen Josiah  25 May 1881Effingham, Georgia, United States I27958 Salzburgers 
2 CRAWFORD, Carey Hambleton  25 Sep 1891Effingham, Georgia, United States I27954 Salzburgers 
3 CRAWFORD, Cullen Battle  17 Feb 1879Effingham, Georgia, United States I27959 Salzburgers 
4 CRAWFORD, Emanuel Gordon  14 Jan 1875Effingham, Georgia, United States I27952 Salzburgers 
5 CRAWFORD, Franklin Fulton  21 Apr 1885Effingham, Georgia, United States I27957 Salzburgers 
6 CRAWFORD, Gordon Blakely  19 Jan 1889Effingham, Georgia, United States I27950 Salzburgers 
7 Crawford, Julia Elizabeth  22 Feb 1877Effingham, Georgia, United States I27817 Salzburgers 
8 CRAWFORD, Lester Ervin  Dec 1887Effingham, Georgia, United States I27956 Salzburgers 
9 CRAWFORD, Mary Annah  6 Apr 1890Effingham, Georgia, United States I27955 Salzburgers 
10 Crawford, Minnie Lee  27 Mar 1873Effingham, Georgia, United States I2881 Salzburgers 
11 CRAWFORD, Stephen Anderson  11 Jun 1871Effingham, Georgia, United States I27951 Salzburgers 
12 Griner, Amy  30 Apr 1814Effingham, Georgia, United States I27883 Salzburgers 
13 Griner, Andrew  1782Effingham, Georgia, United States I27873 Salzburgers 
14 Griner, David  1818Effingham, Georgia, United States I27884 Salzburgers 
15 Griner, Eliza Caroline  28 Jun 1839Effingham, Georgia, United States I7454 Salzburgers 
16 Griner, Georgia Amanda  23 Jan 1837Effingham, Georgia, United States I27871 Salzburgers 
17 Griner, Henrietta  16 Mar 1841Effingham, Georgia, United States I27876 Salzburgers 
18 Griner, Joseph Edgar  17 Feb 1845Effingham, Georgia, United States I28101 Salzburgers 
19 Griner, Joshua  24 Jun 1821Effingham, Georgia, United States I27887 Salzburgers 
20 Griner, Salome  1820Effingham, Georgia, United States I1698 Salzburgers 
21 Griner, Sarah Nerilene  17 Mar 1848Effingham, Georgia, United States I27880 Salzburgers 
22 Heidt, Julianna Elizabeth  12 May 1815Effingham, Georgia, United States I27104 Salzburgers 
23 Hinely, Ann Elizabeth  25 Dec 1842Effingham, Georgia, United States I1842 Salzburgers 
24 Hinely, Eveline Rebecca  11 Jan 1848Effingham, Georgia, United States I1844 Salzburgers 
25 Hinely, Ida S  25 Apr 1859Effingham, Georgia, United States I28174 Salzburgers 
26 Hinely, James Andrew  11 Jun 1840Effingham, Georgia, United States I28175 Salzburgers 
27 Hinely, John Jacob  4 Feb 1816Effingham, Georgia, United States I28051 Salzburgers 
28 Hinely, Martha Amelia  1 Jun 1845Effingham, Georgia, United States I1843 Salzburgers 
29 Hodges, Amanda Estelle  29 Jul 1866Effingham, Georgia, United States I27917 Salzburgers 
30 Hodges, Gasway Augustus  27 Feb 1877Effingham, Georgia, United States I27921 Salzburgers 
31 Hodges, James Albert  13 Jan 1864Effingham, Georgia, United States I27918 Salzburgers 
32 Hodges, Louise Hodges  24 Mar 1905Effingham, Georgia, United States I28003 Salzburgers 
33 Hodges, William Eddie  4 Dec 1870Effingham, Georgia, United States I27924 Salzburgers 
34 Metzger, Hannah  Effingham, Georgia, United States I27882 Salzburgers 
35 Metzger, Sarah  4 Jun 1758Effingham, Georgia, United States I28239 Salzburgers 
36 Morgan, Samuel H.  19 Dec 1826Effingham, Georgia, United States I8993 Salzburgers 
37 Morgan, Sarah Jane  11 Oct 1828Effingham, Georgia, United States I27926 Salzburgers 
38 Nease, Gottlieb Israel  18 Apr 1779Effingham, Georgia, United States I3201 Salzburgers 
39 Remshardt, Elizabeth  22 Mar 1778Effingham, Georgia, United States I10325 Salzburgers 
40 Schubtrein, Hannah  13 Apr 1779Effingham, Georgia, United States I28106 Salzburgers 
41 Shuptrine, Daniel Christianberry  28 Jul 1823Effingham, Georgia, United States I28020 Salzburgers 
42 Shuptrine, Israel  24 Aug 1784Effingham, Georgia, United States I28016 Salzburgers 
43 Trowell, Johnnie Elise  1910Effingham, Georgia, United States I27987 Salzburgers 
44 Wilson, Eleanor  9 Dec 1824Effingham, Georgia, United States I28104 Salzburgers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Crawford, Rev. Allen  12 Jul 1923Effingham, Georgia, United States I27462 Salzburgers 
2 CRAWFORD, Emanuel Gordon  12 Aug 1887Effingham, Georgia, United States I27952 Salzburgers 
3 CRAWFORD, Gordon Blakely  9 Sep 1944Effingham, Georgia, United States I27950 Salzburgers 
4 Crawford, Julia Elizabeth  2 Nov 1934Effingham, Georgia, United States I27817 Salzburgers 
5 Gnann, Byron Estill Sr.  30 Sep 1946Effingham, Georgia, United States I673 Salzburgers 
6 Gnann, Soloman  10 Mar 1825Effingham, Georgia, United States I28166 Salzburgers 
7 Griner, Elizabeth Christina  1894Effingham, Georgia, United States I27875 Salzburgers 
8 Griner, John Archer  27 Apr 1934Effingham, Georgia, United States I27878 Salzburgers 
9 Griner, John Casper Jr  Abt 1809Effingham, Georgia, United States I27888 Salzburgers 
10 Griner, Maud Rebecca  23 Apr 1942Effingham, Georgia, United States I27945 Salzburgers 
11 Haefner, Anna Maria  Effingham, Georgia, United States I28108 Salzburgers 
12 Haeussler, Johan Jacob  Effingham, Georgia, United States I28109 Salzburgers 
13 Heinle, Johannes  Effingham, Georgia, United States I28069 Salzburgers 
14 Hinely, John Jacob  1818Effingham, Georgia, United States I28065 Salzburgers 
15 Hinely, Spurgeon "Spergin"  5 Nov 1962Effingham, Georgia, United States I28267 Salzburgers 
16 Hinely, Valeria Theodosia  1936Effingham, Georgia, United States I222 Salzburgers 
17 Mainor, Samuel (Lineburger)  29 Jun 1938Effingham, Georgia, United States I28863 Salzburgers 
18 Metzger, Hannah  Effingham, Georgia, United States I27882 Salzburgers 
19 Shuptrine, Israel  May 1838Effingham, Georgia, United States I28016 Salzburgers 
20 Tuttle, Charles Robert  22 May 1956Effingham, Georgia, United States I27815 Salzburgers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hinely, Jasper Urias  24 Jan 1855Effingham, Georgia, United States I1847 Salzburgers 
2 Hinely, John Jacob Jr.  6 Mar 1852Effingham, Georgia, United States I1846 Salzburgers 
3 Hinely, Joshua  30 Mar 1804Effingham, Georgia, United States I1812 Salzburgers 
4 Hinely, Lucretia Caroline  16 Mar 1850Effingham, Georgia, United States I1845 Salzburgers 
5 Hinely, Valeria Theodosia  6 Dec 1861Effingham, Georgia, United States I222 Salzburgers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civil    Person ID   Tree 
1 Arnsdorff, Jeremiah Henry Jr.  1890Effingham, Georgia, United States I10 Salzburgers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gnann, Jacob II  1814Effingham, Georgia, United States I577 Salzburgers 
2 Griner, Amy  22 Jul 1900Effingham, Georgia, United States I27883 Salzburgers 
3 Heidt, Julianna Elizabeth  Effingham, Georgia, United States I27104 Salzburgers 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gnann, Ann Catherine  1820Effingham, Georgia, United States I913 Salzburgers 
2 Gnann, Ann Catherine  1840Effingham, Georgia, United States I913 Salzburgers 
3 Griner, Andrew  1820Effingham, Georgia, United States I27873 Salzburgers 
4 Griner, Andrew  1830Effingham, Georgia, United States I27873 Salzburgers 
5 Griner, Caleb  1840Effingham, Georgia, United States I1697 Salzburgers 
6 Griner, Hamilton  1864Effingham, Georgia, United States I27881 Salzburgers 
7 Griner, Joshua  1840Effingham, Georgia, United States I27887 Salzburgers 
8 Heidt, John George Sr  1820Effingham, Georgia, United States I925 Salzburgers 
9 Hodges, Emmett Cler  1 Apr 1940Effingham, Georgia, United States I27922 Salzburgers 
10 Hodges, Frances Walton  1 Apr 1940Effingham, Georgia, United States I28000 Salzburgers 
11 Hodges, John Archer  1 Apr 1940Effingham, Georgia, United States I28005 Salzburgers 
12 Shuptrine, Israel  1820Effingham, Georgia, United States I28016 Salzburgers 
13 Shuptrine, John E.  1840Effingham, Georgia, United States I597 Salzburgers 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Arnsdorff / Seckinger  5 Jun 1888Effingham, Georgia, United States F3 Salzburgers 
2 CRAWFORD / HELMLY  1 Jun 1898Effingham, Georgia, United States F10350 Salzburgers 
3 Griner / Wilson  13 Feb 1841Effingham, Georgia, United States F10376 Salzburgers 
4 Heidt / Remshart  2 Jul 1795Effingham, Georgia, United States F9858 Salzburgers 
5 Hinely / Reisser  11 Nov 1861Effingham, Georgia, United States F10401 Salzburgers 
6 Reiser /   Abt 1749Effingham, Georgia, United States F1496 Salzburgers 
7 Shuptrine / Newton  18 Nov 1846Effingham, Georgia, United States F10373 Salzburgers 
8 Trowell / Hodges  1885Effingham, Georgia, United States F10384 Salzburgers 
9 Tuttle / Crawford  16 Aug 1895Effingham, Georgia, United States F10328 Salzburgers 
10 Weidman /   Abt 1760Effingham, Georgia, United States F812 Salzburgers 
11 Wilson / Griner  30 Mar 1839Effingham, Georgia, United States F10408 Salzburgers